Summer of 2018 was when I decided to make quilts, and it was also the first time I threaded and used a sewing machine. I discovered the money hole that is a quilt/fabric shop but also got in the habit of using coupons and finding great discounts. I’ve always had a fascination with quilts – their beauty, detail, timelessness, and practicality throughout history, but never had a quilt until I moved in with Dan. They are his, but all come with a story and were handmade by his grandma who had already passed several years ago. I am posting the four quilts I made in this first year; all made in a terrible hurry and pushed by a desire to feel finished/accomplished more than anything else. The heart one has a page of stamps quilted to back by accident while FMQing. I covered it up with another piece of backing, but it’s still there. The last one is the most special to me because I made it after Dan’s mother gave me her stash, which included fabric that her mom used when she was alive.

Now that I’m in my second year of quilting, I would say that the process has opened up for me, but I need to improve on my color/pattern choices. (Am I allowed to blame that on my small fabric collection?) Hopefully a bit of improvement will show with the next batch, but I’ll share and get more into what I learned when that time comes. Anyway, my first four quilts, with dogs pictured for size reference.


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