Lucky Peak Rooster

Now that we’ve taken our motorcycles out to Lucky Peak, I think I feel ready to commute to work on my Honda Nighthawk on a great weather day. On this trip, my heart wasn’t beating out of my chest, the big traffic light intersections felt okay, and I survived a big left-hand turn out of the park into busy and fast traffic [HWY 21]. We even had rain on the way home. I know it was just one experience, but Dan says that was probably the trickiest it can get for a motorcyclist and all I really want to be able to do is drive the 2 miles to work at 35 mph and save some gas.

Anyway, the reason for the trip was to see the Rooster Tail, which is currently spurting 1500-2500 cubit feet of water per second out of Lucky Peak Dam. It is supposed to relieve the river beds from the massive water pressure that has built up from last winter’s precipitation. The last time the rooster made its appearance was five years ago, so a ton of people were expected to come out and see it. Naturally, Dan wanted to take the bikes with hopes of finding an easy parking spot. Check out the pictures below, and see if you can find the cars in the background for scale!

Half of these photos were from my iPhone but now that we’re more committed to remembering our adventures, I am going to start getting back into photography with my SLR. I’m looking into getting a wide angle lens and finding quicker ways [a first world problem] to transfer to and edit on my computer.


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